Monty Mobile has once again succeeded in fulfilling the requirements of the GSM Association Security Accreditation Scheme for Subscription Management (SAS-SM) by managing to maintain SAS high standards, thus leading to the renewal of its certification valid until February 2024.
Hence, Monty Mobile’s eSIM promises to live up to the expectations bestowed by this renewed certification. It guarantees the greatest degree of security and compatibility to protect the sensitive data of MNOs, through providing safe remote SIM provisioning. The firm promises Private network owners, communication service providers (CSPs), and operators, commitment to meeting their increased demands and expectations.
With its Remote SIM Provisioning solutions, the company boasts industry-level functionality, security, scalability, and reliability.
Moreover, Monty Mobile is proud of this GSMA SAS-SM certification renewal. This is a testament to the incredible team effort in maintaining a highly secure, dependable, and cutting-edge mode of operation.

About Monty Mobile’s Instant Connectivity Platform

At Monty Mobile, our Remote SIM Provisioning platform provides over-the-air update capabilities to any compliant eSIM. This allows device makers, network operators, and service providers to remotely manage subscriptions on these devices. It also enables secure subscription downloads and management in all consumer devices equipped with GSMA compliant eUICC.
Thanks to our SM-DP+ (i.e. subscription management data preparation responsible for downloading, storing, and managing the MNO profiles) – developed as per GSMA's SGP.21 and SGP.22 standards and latest specifications, and housed in a secure SAS-SM data center in London – mobile operators will provide a variety of new and improved mobile-connected devices, as well as a more straightforward and fully automated device setup for users.
Monty Mobile focuses its skills on solutions that simplify and outsource eSIM processes and technology ownership for organizations and end-users. This allows them to move from traditional SIM to eSIM in a natural way.