Monty Mobile's Music Streaming Service is a dynamic solution that helps mobile operators stay in tune with the ever-evolving telecommunications landscape, where they have been grappling with declining revenues due to changing user preferences and the rise of over-the-top (OTT) services. Offering an extensive music library, this service provides a user-friendly mobile app and web portal that can be customized to reflect the unique branding of any business.

Users can enjoy seamless streaming of high-quality music, personalized playlists, and recommendations tailored to their preferences. The mobile app lets users enjoy music on the go, with features like offline downloads, playlist management, and social media sharing. Also, the web portal extends the same features to desktop devices.

Make it yours!

Monty Mobile's white-label streaming app is a game-changer for your business. With complete customization options, you can make it truly yours—your brand, your colors, your language(s), and your users.

Our streaming app supports a wide range of content, including music, videos, podcasts, radio, audiobooks, and even live broadcasts. We've packed it with advanced features and hyper-engaging capabilities to keep your users hooked.

There’s something for everyone

Our playlisting tool is a must-have for fitness instructors, music curators, and background music services. Users can easily create playlists that comply with licensing agreements, thanks to seamless integration with label and publishing arrangements. Offer advanced search options based on BPM, artists, keys, decade, mood, instruments, genre, themes, or song length. The tool offers crossfade capabilities, tempo adjustment, and the ability to filter out explicit content. Whether you prefer an app-based interface or a CMS, our tool has you covered. Your users can download playlists for video syncing, play them live at venues via URL, or stream them through our app.

Unleash your musical journey

Our Music Streaming Service offers a range of user-friendly features designed to enhance the listening experience. Users can create and organize personalized playlists based on moods, genres, or artists, and easily share them with friends on social media. The ability to like and dislike songs helps tailor recommendations to individual preferences. Shuffle Play brings excitement by randomly playing songs from playlists or libraries, while the My Music/Favorites feature allows users to save and revisit their favorite songs and playlists. Skipping songs is a breeze, enabling users to swiftly move to the next track. Subscription plans and bundles provide access to premium features, including ad-free streaming and high-quality audio. Plus, the Play Offline feature lets users download songs or playlists for offline enjoyment, perfect for areas without internet connectivity or conserving mobile data.

Seamless control and optimization

Forget about the guesswork and say hello to valuable insights! Our reporting tool provides clear visibility into subscriber numbers, renewals, un-subscriptions, and popular/unpopular content.

But that's not all! Our service management capabilities are here to make your life easier. From handling subscriptions, deletions, and downloads to managing renewals and subscriber registrations, we've got you covered. Want to offer diverse content options? You can define multiple content providers across different categories to keep things fresh and exciting for your users.

We understand that the music industry is always evolving, but fear not! If content needs to shift to another copyright agreement, our platform seamlessly takes care of the transfer, ensuring a smooth transition.

And let's not forget about the music library! Our Music Library Management Portal simplifies content organization and administration, saving you time and effort so you can focus on delivering an exceptional music streaming experience to your users.

With our feature-packed service, you'll have all the tools you need to rock the music streaming world. So get ready to take charge, optimize your operations, and provide your users with a music experience they'll never forget! Let's make some musical magic together!