Put your subscribers in charge!

Grant your subscribers a simple digital channel to manage their accounts and subscriptions via Monty Mobile’s Self-Care application.

Empower your customers with Self-Care Application

Allow all subscribers to save time and manage all aspects of their subscription via your own branded application. Help them recharge, transfer credits and subscribe to any of your services with a simple click wherever they are and without the hassle of visiting an operator store.A self-care application is the perfect way for operators to offer all services via one application and reduce their sales costs while enhancing the customer journey and offering subscribers higher flexibility.

A user experience like no other

Self-care is the perfect opportunity to constantly have a branded presence and to improve the overall user experience. Operators can leverage this direct communication platform, installed directly on their subscribers’ mobile phones, to offer them endless functionalities, address them with direct messages, give them special bundles and much more.

What can subscribers do with the application?

  • Subscribe to services or bundles
  • Check balance and transaction history
  • Manage a single number plan or a shared family plan
  • Top up an account
  • Transfer credits or Data
  • Pay bills
  • Calculate data consumption
  • Purchase a new SIM
  • Collect loyalty points
  • Access music, video content and utilities
  • Contact customer care
  • Receive notifications about new services or offers

Drive higher customer satisfaction through an enhanced digital experience!