To all game addicts, hold your breath because you’re about to embark on an extraordinary journey full of fun and adventures.

Whether you are beginners, dreamers, experts, or geeks, you’re all invited to take part in our epic voyage. At Monty Studios, not only do we take games to the next level, but we also include all game lovers regardless of their age, gender, or status.

The ultimate escape

In this unique little part of the world, where no one is left behind, gamers come together to escape reality and create their own adventures. With each game, expect a new experience that will get you hooked on your screens for hours. Whenever you feel like you need to take a break and disconnect for a while, join our world of entertainment, and enjoy some time for yourself. Your mobile phone is all it takes to dive into this magical universe anytime, anywhere.

Quality comes first

Behind this Hyper-Casual Studio, a dedicated team of experts strives to deliver the best possible quality. Just like the games we create, we are constantly looking for fresh ideas and exploring new technologies and new markets to offer you an atypical content that is not “déjà vu”. In just two weeks, we design, develop, and test games from the ground up. We effectively manage our processes and ensure that players receive bug-free, enjoyable material. This consistency in providing high-quality material is no small feat, hence the need to collaborate with industry professionals to evaluate our games based on a data-driven approach.

Passion for improvement and innovation

Our audience’s expectations are no secret to us because we test and analyze our key metrics, which allows us to tailor our games to an entire market, not to mention that we are in constant pursuit of adventure, always setting sail to new horizons and seeking improvement for the games we develop. At Monty Studios, we grasp the AAA and VR markets tightly as we delve deeper into them and bring you the best of the best. We are fully devoted to our publishers because they release our games into the world, allowing millions to enjoy them.

We believe in a world were fun and entertainment are a means of relieving stress, and we are on a mission to make this hard reality just a little bit easier!