Protection against threats and illegal termination of messages has become more crucial than ever. It is one of the biggest challenges facing Mobile Network Operators today! According to Juniper Research “SMS firewall implementation will reduce operator losses to fraud from $5.6 billion in 2021 to $922 million by 2026”. Indeed, being fully aware of the Operators’ needs, our Firewall, “Smartwall” is here to fulfill them all.

The most advanced SMS firewall technology

SMS grey routes often go undetected because of security gaps to terminate illegitimate messages at low or no cost. Therefore, a properly managed next-generation SMS firewall is a must for MNOs.

Our SMS firewall uses groundbreaking technology to offer instant threat detection and blockage with real-time filtering of every SMS reaching your network. It is also equipped with advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) technologies, and an advanced reporting module. Therefore, our SMS firewall guarantees the network’s complete security while maximizing the Operator’s SMS revenues.

Our strength comes from our extensive experience

The strength of our SMS Firewall solution is based on our vast knowledge and 20+ years of experience in the industry. With our premium SMS Firewall system, mobile operators will be able to monetize their A2P SMS traffic at any point in time.

“Smartwall” is fully tested, has 24/7 technical backup, and offers smooth integration. It is also equipped with advanced blocking rules updated on a daily basis with a dedicated professional team.  

On the other hand, this solution can be either offered free of any charges if bundled with the exclusivity of A2P international SMS monetization, or as standalone (Capex, Opex or revenue share models).

Protect your network today and maximize your revenues!