How about letting your subscribers share their status with their callers before they pick up with a Call Signature? Allow them to display personalized pop-up messages, statuses, and greetings on their callers’ phone screens before answering their calls.

Call Signature, which is part of the Ring Back Tone suite, allows subscribers to replace the monotonous ring back tone with a personalized text.

How does Call Signature work?

Subscribers can now create their own personalized messages with Monty Mobile’s text RBT. They can sign their calls and greet their callers in the form of a pre-call pop-up notification.
Call Signature service caters to the professionals as well as the youth segment knowing that messages can vary from fun, casual notes and greetings between friends and family to useful marketing messages.
Subscribers also have the possibility to Blacklist and Whitelist the numbers to/from which Call Signatures are being received.

How can Call Signature enhance the operator revenues?

RBT services have carved out a niche for themselves in a market that is constantly evolving, and Call Signature is no exception. Serving as a new revenue generator for Mobile Operators, this service can be used in a variety of ways, targeting both individual users and enterprises alike. Various usage types are possible for setting different Signatures, giving the product a great advantage. With a big market potential, Text RBT is undeniably a service set to attract different segments and create new opportunities for Operators.

Allow subscribers to express themselves and expand your services.