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The rapid adoption of OTT applications within the telecommunications industry has triggered an exponential surge in data traffic, further intensifying the challenges faced by mobile operators. This surge in data consumption, coupled with the formidable presence of OTT services, necessitates a paradigm shift in the business models adopted by operators.

Recognizing this pressing need, Monty Mobile has developed an innovative solution: Music VOD platforms & Live TV. As an integral component of its comprehensive suite of Value Added Services, this offering is specifically designed to cater to the diverse requirements and demands of mobile operators worldwide.

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The most dynamic solution to stay in tune with the ever-evolving telecommunications landscape.
A groundbreaking B2B music streaming app empowering MNOs to swiftly launch, operate, and expand their own branded music streaming service. This innovative solution enables Telcos to provide their customers with a distinctive platform for exploring, streaming, and immersing themselves in a diverse array of music from top artists worldwide.

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