Cloud Gaming: Revolutionizing
the Way You Play

Deliver a cloud gaming
experience like no other

A Gaming journey subscribers will love

Step into a new market, become cloud gaming providers and take your subscribers on a journey filled with fun and entertainment with our white label solution containing over 150 premium games.
Our cloud gaming services offer a revolutionary experience for game lovers, including the possibility of playing high-quality games with high resolution and low latency.
Subscribers will also be able to create a child account and control both their playtime and their content.
Join us and be a part of the best cloud gaming platform!

Harness the power of high-speed internet (HSI)

Open up a new revenue stream by increasing user or customer data consumption.
Thanks to its flexibility, online cloud gaming allows consumers to play anywhere, anytime, helping you fully monetize this service. Players will also have the ability to stream and play games in real-time with any supported device and a high-speed internet connection.

VR & AR experiences

Low storage capacity is one of the current issues of VR devices. With our cloud solution, we virtualize the software to take the experience everywhere without software in the glasses and with unlimited storage.

Join the cloud gaming wave today!

  • Streaming of 150+ games
  • AAA games


Benefit fully from your high-speed internet network and drive higher consumer engagement.

Increase ARPU

With cloud gaming on iOS and Android, increase subscribers’ loyalty and retention with a new service that will attract all gamers.

Reduce churn

Engage your users and attract new subscribers thanks to the best cloud gaming service.

Bring your own licenses

Our wide catalog of games is not enough for you? Link your Steam and Epic accounts and enjoy any game you may have previously purchased on our platform.

Offer your subscribers the ultimate high-performance cloud gaming platform for an addictive gaming experience


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