Get Credit Suite
for Enhanced Credit
Management Strategy

Be your customers’
savior when
they run out of credits

Transform the
customer experience 

Credit Suite gives subscribers several options to stay connected and continue making calls when they are unable to recharge their lines.

Emergency Credit

Subscribers can “call as they go”

Urgent situations call for emergency lending services! Lend zero or low balance subscribers a set number of credits.

Micro Credit Loan

A small loan for a better call completion rate

Allow subscribers to request a top-up loan once they are out of credit.

Credit Transfer

Monetize out-of-credit subscribers

Enable subscribers to transfer credit from their own balance to other on net subscribers.

P2P Lending

Easy access to airtime

With our Peer to Peer Lending solution, give your subscribers the opportunity to publish their requests for extra credits through the operator’s application. Mobile subscribers with extra credits can respond to the request for an additional credit reward granted to their account.

Enhance your customers’ experience


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