Elevate Your Business
with WhatsApp Advertising

Gain access to your customers’
favorite communication platform

Make the most out of this communication platform!

Nowadays, a simple and a convenient chat app is all you need to send rich messages and target your audience in the most efficient way!
With our innovative solution, you can now make the most out of your customers’ favorite communication platform and reach whoever you want! Not to mention that you have the advantage to be the initiator without having to wait for your customer to reach out to you, which gives you an edge over your competitors especially when it comes to marketing campaigns and messages.

Enjoy our
latest features

In addition to being able to send messages easily, you can now:
– Benefit from preconfigured templates for personalized messages helping you interact with your customer.
– Enrich communication messages with images, videos, documents, web links, audio files and buttons to keep them engaged.

A personalized

You can configure your own chat bot to answer the most frequently asked questions directly on WhatsApp, with the option to transfer to live agents without losing conversation history in context.

An efficient tracking
and monitoring

Our solution allows you to:
– Monitor messages and check their status (seen, received, and delivered)
– Add tags to conversations
– Check conversation logs
– Analyze results using a dashboard
– Create tickets for follow-up
– Initiate customer satisfaction surveys

Agent management

You can manage all WhatsApp messages from a unified workspace where the team can access conversation history, customer profiles, message templates, and more to provide personalized support. You will also receive reports from our customer support agent, helping you track and improve performance.

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Interact with your customers and enhance their journey!


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