Lately, we’ve all been familiar with the classic ring-back tone concept until the RBT suite came along to spice up the user experience by offering them the chance to replace the monotonous ring back tone with a personal tune, text, song, video, or even a game!

With its distinguished RBT suite, Monty Mobile has set a new trend allowing subscribers to express themselves creatively.


Good vibes come with good music!

Subscribers can select from a rich library of content and assign different tunes to different contacts or groups.

Monty Mobile’s solution gives operators the opportunity to integrate “My RBT” into their existing systems, including HLR, Switching Centers, IN/OCS, and Billing systems, while offering multiple provisioning channels such as SMS, USSD, WAP, APP, and WEB.


The traditional Audio RBT can now be replaced with a video! Now that’s a personalized calling experience!

Just like with a regular ring-back tone, subscribers can choose a video from their library, or create and upload their own. Subscribers can also assign these videos to specific callers or caller groups just like the traditional ring-back tone.

This value-added service increases ARPU and helps operators minimize subscriber churn.


Video RBTs might be original, but Game RBTs are even cooler!

Monty Mobile offers exciting instant-win games that replace ring-back tones and keep callers entertained as they wait for their call to be answered, all that while they collect points to be redeemed later.

Game RBT merges VAS and Gaming into a new entertaining concept, thus turning the traditional VAS into a more interactive model, offering mobile operators a unique way to stand out and increase customer loyalty.

TEXT RBT (Call Signature)

Last but not least, subscribers can create their very own personalized messages with Monty Mobile’s text RBT. They can share their purpose for calling or create a personalized greeting, broadcast, or note in the form of a pre-call pop-up notification.

Monty Mobile’s RBT Suite offers an entertaining calling experience like no other. Jump on board and let your subscribers enjoy the fun!