Monty Mobile, powered by MyMonty, is ready to make strategic investments in Mobile Operators' eWallets with zero costs on the MNO, taking the first step to transform them into Super eWallets with their new Mobile Digital Banking Services – MDBS. These Super eWallets are the initial phase in their comprehensive vision to evolve MNOs into full-fledged digital banks. By infusing the latest technology and capabilities, Monty Mobile aims to enhance eWallets significantly, equipping them with advanced features and functionalities that go beyond traditional mobile wallets. What's particularly noteworthy is that this transformation requires zero upfront investment from the MNOs themselves, ensuring a seamless transition towards becoming prominent players in the digital banking arena. Monty Mobile's commitment to this evolution demonstrates their dedication to fostering progress and delivering cutting-edge financial solutions to MNOs and their customers.

Monty Mobile's Mobile Digital Banking Services (MDBS), powered by MyMonty emerges as an exceptional solution, providing services sought after by clients worldwide, including Car Loans, Home Loans, Personal Loans, and Savings Accounts along with an array of additional offerings. MDBS stands as a comprehensive platform that empowers Mobile Network Operators to meet the evolving demands of their subscribers. With MDBS, MNOs can seamlessly integrate these sought-after services into their portfolio, ensuring they transcend their traditional roles and gain new revenue streams while also remaining competitive and responsive to their subscribers’ aspirations.

Transforming Telco Success into FinTech Triumph

In the landscape of innovation, where technology relentlessly shapes our world, Monty Holding’s Chairman Mountasser Hachem stands as a visionary entrepreneur who has successfully navigated the ever-evolving telecommunications sector. Now, Hachem is setting his sights on a new frontier: Financial Technology (FinTech). His latest venture, Mobile Digital Banking Services - MDBS, promises to redefine Mobile Network Operators’ services and uplift them from their traditional roles into the banks of the future.

"In this digital era, where everything evolves at a very fast pace, our responsibility is to keep up with the latest trends," Hachem explains. "We provide state-of-the-art solutions in communication and financial services, including AI credit lending, and we are also offering a comprehensive software solution that transforms mobile network operators into full-fledged financial institutes. Furthermore, we provide them with a banking license as an added value to our offerings."

Empowering Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) for a Future in Fintech

While MDBS may be at the forefront of Mountasser Hachem's FinTech vision, MNOs are prepared to experience a remarkable transformation in their capabilities and services as they must constantly reinvent themselves to stay relevant. MDBS offers these operators an opportunity to reimagine their services and elevate their offerings, ensuring they meet evolving customer needs and expectations. By actively enhancing the customer experience, MDBS assists mobile operators in retaining their clientele and building long-term loyalty.

One of the key assets that MNOs possess is customer data. However, the difficulties of the payment and banking space often remain unfamiliar territory to them. This is precisely where MDBS steps in. By harnessing this valuable customer data, it empowers MNOs to provide an unparalleled customer experience, leveraging their unique insights and resources.

With deep roots in the technology sector, Monty Mobile offers MNOs everything they require to transition into financial institutions, capable of offering a comprehensive suite of financial services. "Today, we are ready to digitize telcos, taking them to the next level by incorporating banking and financial services into their offerings." Hachem proudly notes.

Avoiding the "Nokia" Pitfall

As the digital revolution continues to reshape industries, Mountasser Hachem offers a cautionary tale, drawing parallels to the fate of Nokia. Once an undisputed market leader in cell phones, Nokia's refusal to embrace the digital shift and adapt to the era of smartphones led to its dramatic decline and bankruptcy in 2011. This underscores the urgency for traditional banks to embrace digital transformation and remain competitive in the modern era.

Monty Mobile’s mission is clear: to ensure that MNOs and other industry players do not suffer a similar fate. By empowering these entities to provide a full range of financial services and ushering them into the digital age, Mountasser Hachem is pioneering a transformative journey that promises to reshape the future of telecommunications and finance.