From supporting optional network capabilities to ensuring constant connectivity for connected devices, the function of entitlement servers has rapidly evolved. With wearable technology on the rise, an eSIM Entitlement Server enables operators to expand their scope and target previously untapped client segments, which will lead to an increase in both their market share and income.

Why do operators need an eSIM Entitlement Server?

Device manufacturers have been sharing new criteria, forcing mobile carriers to deliver a consistent end-user experience involving eSIM-enabled handsets. An entitlement server that resides within the mobile operators’ networks or on the cloud, and serves as an interface between the network and the end user’s device, is supposed to put these entitlement standards into practice.
The main responsibility of an entitlement server is to guarantee that the network can handle the advanced features needed. Thus, providers can connect a new breed of devices. In addition to managing subscriber authentication while ensuring that the subscriber has permission to use those capabilities. The procedures are then orchestrated to implement those functionalities on both the network and the device.

Entitlement Key functionalities:

  • Connect companion devices such as the Apple Watch and Samsung wearables by handling the download of eSIM to these devices
  • uPair is capable of supporting entitlements for Voice over Wi-Fi, and entitlements for Multi-SIM (paired devices sharing a single phone number)

Navigating through complexity

Monty Mobile’s uPair eSIM Entitlement Server is a complete ecosystem allowing operators to enable wearables such as Apple & Samsung Gear. An easy authentication process allows mobile carriers to manage services and features on end-user devices and orchestrate the flow of data required to set up wearables.
Our trusted and certified Device Entitlement Server is an ideal solution for operators to penetrate the market with innovative new products and services, including the ‘One Number’ solution that can support the eSIM-enabled Apple Watch and Samsung Gear. The eSIM Entitlement Server from Monty Mobile reduces implementation costs by offering a cloud-native "out of the box" solution. Operator services will be immediately activated on end-user devices, helping them enjoy a better and enhanced overall experience.

As eSIM-connected devices are introduced, entitlement servers will play an increasingly important role for mobile operators by increasing ARPU by up to 25%.

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