Vanity phone numbers are a great option for companies looking to brand their business and have an easy-to-remember phone number for specific ads such as TV, billboards, radio ads, and more.

How does a Vanity Number work?

A Vanity Number allows companies or personnel to replace their +8-digit numbers with easily memorable characters (3-20 characters). Dialing a Vanity Number starts by dialing (#) followed by the numbers that match the label of the called party.

With Vanity Numbers, corporate numbers can now be replaced with letters related to the business name, brand or even product, to make it easier for clients to remember. These numbers can either be phone words such as #BURGER #PIZZA #PHONE or even an easy to dial numeric number such as: 12456789 or 44444444.

How can Vanity Numbers enhance your business?

According to studies, using Vanity Numbers can increase the incoming calls response rate and customers recalling the brand by 84%, because having a memorable, recognizable phone number helps brands seem more established, thus generate more leads.

Vanity Number can also be an effective way to track marketing efforts whenever there is a certain campaign running. In fact, companies can assign different vanity numbers to various advertisements and track which one gets the best response from the public.

Many benefits for operators

In addition to increasing sales for business users and standing out from the competition with a custom premium number while helping companies build their brand, Vanity Number can offer various benefits for mobile operators as well.

The increase of incoming calls will surely lead to an increase in the mobile operator’s revenues, as more people and businesses find it easier to use the Vanity Number.  

On the other hand, mobile operators will also be helping Vanity Number owners to deliver marketing campaigns with lower costs and higher efficiency.

Stand out from the competition and connect easily with your audience!