Secure and trusted digital identity verification has become an important aspect of online security and represents a significant opportunity for mobile operators. With Monty Mobile’s Digital Verification Suite Operators will have the flexibility to combine all verification channels via one Unified Verification Platform. As a result, Operators will be simplifying the overall user journey verification making it easier and more effective for subscribers.

Monty Mobile’s Digital Verification Suite: Fraudsters Beware!

Our unique verification platform allows operators to control and monetize all their channels, guaranteeing their subscribers’ security. It’s a unified platform created to verify users digitally through the latest available technologies.

A seamless user journey

Today’s subscribers expect a smooth, secure, and seamless journey, and Monty Mobile’s Digital Verification Suite does that, by verifying users accurately. Our identity verification and authentication solutions assist you in reducing fraud losses and increasing end-user satisfaction. The suite works through a smooth integration process, enabling operators to offer a better overall user experience and more guaranteed revenues.

The verification channels offered within the platform include:

  • SMS
  • Calls
  • USSD
  • Mobile App
  • Sim Applet
  • Mobile Data

Full Support & Installation

In addition to an end-to-end solution that enables the required verification technique for both MNOs and applicable brands, OTTs, merchants, or enterprises, Monty Mobile gives operators the chance to choose all channels included in the suite or tailor their requests based on their needs.

Provide Full Security For Your Subscribers Today!