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Embrace the digital revolution with our innovative range of products and services! Discover our VAS services, AI-powered Omni-VAS, Cloud Gaming, and entertainment solutions that redefine the digital landscape. Unleash the power of technology and stay ahead in the digital era!

Centralized Virtual Management - CVM

Direct Carrier Billing (DCB)

RBT Suite

AI Lending Suite


Video On Demand

Music Streaming

Cloud Gaming

Unlock the power of big data analytics and drive your business forward with our cutting-edge OMNI-AI based solutions. Our company provides a range of big data analytics services designed to help you drive your business forward using cutting-edge OMNI-AI based solutions. Our suite of innovative tools includes:


The holistic approach to evaluating individual subscribers and identifying their overall profitability, both now and in the future.

24/7 Smart Customer Support and Sales

Our smart customer support and sales solution utilizes machine learning and natural language processing to provide fast, efficient, and personalized support to your customers around the clock.

Churn Management

Our churn management solution uses predictive analytics to identify customers who are at risk of churning and allows you to take proactive steps to retain them.

Credit Scoring Automation

Our credit scoring automation solution uses machine learning algorithms to analyze customer data and provide accurate credit scores in real-time.

Smart Analytical Dashboard

Our intuitive smart analytical dashboard provides real-time insights into your business performance, enabling you to make data-driven decisions with ease.

Content Curation Capabilities

Our content curation capabilities enable you to personalize content for your customers based on their preferences and behavior.

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Seamless Online Purchases: Charge to Your Phone Bill.
Monty Mobile’s Direct Carrier Billing Platform revolutionizes the online purchasing experience by providing consumers with a seamless and convenient payment option. With this innovative solution, customers can make purchases online and effortlessly add the transaction charges directly to their phone bills.

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Express Yourself: Personalize Call Experiences.
Bid farewell to default ringtones and embrace a world of self-expression through songs, videos, messages, games, and texts thanks to Monty Mobile special RBT certification.

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AI allows organizations to make better decisions, improving core business processes by increasing both the speed and accuracy of strategic decision-making processes thanks to AI lending services.

Monty Mobile’s AI Credit Lending platform helps you lend the right amount of credits or data to subscribers in need with an advanced lending automation. Empowered by Big Data, it lets MNOs undertake sophisticated calculations and give accurate results with a minimum error margin.

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Welcome to our flagship esports platform, where the thrill of competitive gaming reaches new heights. Enable your subscribers to engage in exhilarating top esports and esports tournaments, thrilling gaming challenges and league esports, and connect with fellow gamers through our interactive live chat. Invite them on your gaming journey, and be prepared to unlock a world of rewards and endless possibilities with global esports and esports teams.

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The rapid adoption of OTT applications within the telecommunications industry has triggered an exponential surge in data traffic, further intensifying the challenges faced by mobile operators. This surge in data consumption, coupled with the formidable presence of OTT services, necessitates a paradigm shift in the business models adopted by operators.

Recognizing this pressing need, Monty Mobile has developed an innovative solution: Music VOD platforms & Live TV. As an integral component of its comprehensive suite of Value Added Services, this offering is specifically designed to cater to the diverse requirements and demands of mobile operators worldwide.

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The most dynamic solution to stay in tune with the ever-evolving telecommunications landscape.
A groundbreaking B2B music streaming app empowering MNOs to swiftly launch, operate, and expand their own branded music streaming service. This innovative solution enables Telcos to provide their customers with a distinctive platform for exploring, streaming, and immersing themselves in a diverse array of music from top artists worldwide.

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Allow Your Subscribers to Play their Favorite Games on the Clouds.
Immerse your subscribers in a captivating world of entertainment that goes wherever they go.

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