AI allows organizations to make better decisions by increasing both the speed and accuracy of strategic decision-making, hence improving the core business processes.

With worldwide mobile operators losing millions of dollars in yearly revenue due to low-balance prepaid customers not able to complete their calls or subscriptions, AI Credit Lending is the right tool to identify new opportunities and improve revenue flows.

Why should MNOs invest in AI?

Facing the growing risks caused by OTT providers, operators had to alter their tactics to recover their core income, boost network utilization, and generate new revenue streams.

Realizing the added value of AI in telecommunication, more telcos are willing to invest in AI to identify new opportunities. 

Monty Mobile’s AI Credit Lending platform uses AI Credit Scoring that detects the hidden relationship between variables, which is superior to traditional scoring that looks at each variable alone. It provides a more precise evaluation of data that might not seem relevant through traditional scoring.

Empowering Communication through AI

Monty Mobile’s AI Credit Lending platform intends to maximize the number of successfully completed revenue-generating actions within the network by lending the right amount of credits to subscribers in need. In fact, AI can help operators assess the risk level more accurately by analyzing data that is not included in a traditional credit score.

Furthermore, by using ML (Machine Learning), AI Credit Lending improves its predictions over time, thus increasing credit decisioning and loan prediction accuracy. With AI Credit Lending, MNOs can increase revenues and decrease bad debt, in addition to understanding and responding to their clients’ needs, thus sustaining loyalty and reducing churn.

That said, AI drastically improves the lending process, allowing operators to expand their offerings and better serve their subscribers.

What are you waiting for? Invest in AI and reap more profits than ever!