In recent years, the fintech industry has gained significant traction as consumers increasingly embrace digital-first approaches to various lifestyle services. This shift, coupled with the rise of new applications and services, emphasizes the importance of fintech as a means for conducting digital transactions. As a result, the fintech sector has experienced remarkable innovation and substantial investments, with 2021 alone witnessing a staggering $225 billion in total investments, according to KPMG figures.

Amid this landscape, mobile operators worldwide are recognizing the potential of the fintech opportunity. With over 26,000 fintech companies currently operating globally, operators can no longer rely solely on strong revenue growth from core services or underpenetrated markets. Consequently, diversifying service offerings has become imperative, and fintech represents a readily available avenue for operators to capitalize on.

The GSMA Mobile Money State of the Industry Report highlights that mobile money has evolved beyond providing basic financial services to underserved populations and has become a mainstream financial service in markets where it is available. Additionally, according to Kenechi Okeleke, Director of Regional, Social, and Policy Research at GSMA Intelligence, the concept of the "super app," where operators offer access to multiple services through a single interface, opens up new possibilities for creating innovative financial solutions.

Here’s where MDBS comes in

Monty Mobile’s MDBS is the ultimate fintech solution for mobile operators, turning you into full-fledged banks that can cater to the financial needs of your subscribers. Mr. Okeleke mentions, as the External Communications Manager of MTN Nigeria, that for operators, particularly in developing regions, embracing fintech is crucial. It presents a growing opportunity to establish new revenue streams within an increasingly competitive environment. The key factors for success, include implementing the right solutions and forging partnerships with relevant ecosystem players.

That being said, with MDBS, you can tap into a rapidly expanding market and establish yourself as a key player in this transformative sector. From tapping into high revenue streams, and personalizing the customer experience, to taking advantage of the demographic trends, and increasing financial inclusion, MDBS does it all!

Embrace the opportunities in fintech today

Whether you are an established player in the Financial Services industry or venturing into the exciting world of Fintech, Monty Mobile's MDBS expands your reach worldwide, acting as your gateway to the world. With our fast and flexible digital banking solution, built on an API framework, you can streamline your operations and offer indispensable service and product stacks.

In the dynamic landscape of Fintech, unpredictability can be a challenge. However, with MDBS, you can minimize uncertainty by accessing realistic forecasts and insights, empowering you to make informed business decisions. By leveraging our solution, you can strengthen customer loyalty and satisfaction, ensuring a solid foundation for your business.

Unlock the power of AI and smart scoring

By harnessing Monty Mobile's AI capabilities, you can maximize revenues and minimize risks, ensuring a more robust financial ecosystem. The overall customer experience is enhanced through personalized interactions and tailored recommendations that incite positive behavioral patterns, fostering a deeper connection with your subscribers.

Furthermore, by utilizing customer data, you can implement creditworthiness scoring, enabling you to assess subscribers' financial reliability accurately. This data-driven approach empowers you to provide personalized and proactive banking services, delivering an elevated customer-centric experience.

With Monty Mobile's digital banking solutions, simplicity and intuitiveness take center stage. A seamless user experience is ensured across all devices, allowing subscribers to effortlessly navigate web and mobile banking applications. The architecture of these applications is modern and advanced, accommodating all the essential functionalities subscribers require at their fingertips.

Transforming telcos into banks

Monty Mobile is dedicated to enabling Telcos to venture into the realm of banking by offering a seamless digital banking experience. With our cutting-edge technology stack and Banking-as-a-Service platform, MNOs can tap into the world of embedded finance. MDBS embarks on a transformative journey with MNOs. Starting with e-wallets simplifying transactions for millions, MDBS accelerates growth, expanding users from 1 to 4 billion by 2024, fostering financial inclusivity. As the plot deepens, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) arrives, reshaping financial tech. MNOs then embrace this evolution, reimagining their roles with digital onboarding, AI credit scoring, and more. But the story takes a remarkable turn with Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS), where MDBS empowers MNOs to seamlessly embed finance into their services. Guiding this transformative journey, MDBS stands as the unwavering partner, enabling MNOs to shape the future banks of tomorrow. From e-wallets to comprehensive banking solutions, this narrative epitomizes innovation and collaboration, where MDBS's support paves the way for MNOs' success.

By adopting MDBS, you can capture new revenue streams, leverage your vast databases, acquire financial licenses, boost customer acquisition through bundled bank accounts, drive retention, and capitalize on data insights for cross-selling opportunities. Additionally, you can diversify your product portfolio, stand out from competitors, reduce churn, expand market share, and provide a secure platform for your subscribers to manage their finances with ease. Monty Mobile's MDBS empowers you to transform your business and thrive in the evolving financial landscape.

Don’t think twice.

Leap into the future of banking with MDBS and Monty Mobile, and revolutionize the way you and your subscribers experience financial services. With our innovative solutions, you can unlock new opportunities, enhance customer satisfaction, and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of banking. Trust Monty Mobile to be your partner in transforming the telecommunication landscape and shaping the future of finance.