Enjoy the new trend with Story RBT!
Ever since stories became one of the biggest trends worldwide, uploading them has become a spontaneous daily habit. More than half of the world’s population (59%) uses social media, a number that is constantly growing. Moreover, according to Forbes, online video traffic accounted for more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic by the end of 2022. Furthermore, the rise of OTTs and the nature of their competitive market have shifted mobile operators’ focus towards offering video content and digital services.

Quick recap

As it’s generally known, RBT (Ringback Tone) allows subscribers to replace the monotonous beeping with a unique tune or song of their choice. But with the Story RBT, they’re replacing it with a video!

With more than 10 years in the market, ringback tones have enabled mobile operators to join the entertainment industry, bringing in more than 500 million subscribers globally. Story RBT provides a new means of self-expression for subscribers, along with a unique and engaging experience for callers. Thus, allowing operators to boost revenues and gain their subscribers' loyalty.

Network-based Story RBT

Subscribers can record and upload their videos using Story RBT mobile app or web portal.

Additionally, with VoLTE technology, MNOs can offer the network-based service, which allows all callers, even those who are not subscribed to the service, to watch the stories. This introduces Story RBT to a wider audience and allows mobile operators to extend their reach and grow their customer base. So wait no longer, integrate Story RBT into your services, create new experiences, and tap into new revenue streams!

Creating Memories

The need for innovative and personalized forms of entertainment among mobile subscribers is imperative. With this unique service, mobile operators give their subscribers the chance to create memories and share them with whoever is calling them.

Subscribers can benefit from many features:

  • Purchase videos from a wide video content library
  • Upload personalized self- recorded videos
  • Assign a single default Story RBT
  • Add videos to their Wishlist
  • Choose to play their purchased videos in Shuffle mode or In Order mode.
  • Assign a Story RBT to specific callers or groups
  • Schedule a Story RBT to be played at specific times
  • Assign a specific RBT for employees to be played for any caller during a specific time frame
  • Report a Story RBT
  • Blacklist specific callers
  • Gift Story RBT
  • Copy Story RBT
  • Reverse Story RBT
  • Invite friends

It’s time to personalize your subscribers’ experience by allowing them to customize a video ringback tone that will leave their callers amazed.