In a world where connectivity is a crucial element for survival, subscribers expect their operators to always give them the best connection.
With Monty Mobile Data Lending Suite, MNOs will have the opportunity to fully monetize data bundles while keeping users satisfied with enough data credits and constant connection.

Data Lending: Keep Subscribers Connected

Thanks to a Smart Credit Scoring system, subscribers will be able to request and receive data loans from the operator. In addition, subscribers who are short on data can get a boost of MBs based on their needs and on their score.

Data Transfer: Lending a Hand  
Allow your subscribers to help each other out when in need!
With Data Transfer, subscribers can transfer data credits to each other from their current data plans, through SMS, USSD or Mobile App.

Data Gifting: The Gift That Keeps on Giving
The best gift for subscribers is data! Data Gifting allows a subscriber to purchase a data bundle for another subscriber as a “gift”.
The freedom to gift mobile data enhances the mobile experience and drives data consumption, while increasing subscriber loyalty and satisfaction.

It's time to enhance your subscribers experience and keep them always connected!