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AI Lending Suite

Maximize the Number of Successfully Completed Revenue-Generating Actions

AI allows organizations to make better decisions, improving core business processes by increasing both the speed and accuracy of strategic decision-making processes thanks to AI lending services.

Monty Mobile’s AI Credit Lending platform helps you lend the right amount of credits or data to subscribers in need with an advanced lending automation. Empowered by Big Data, it lets MNOs undertake sophisticated calculations and give accurate results with a minimum error margin.


customer loyalty and reduce churn


revenues by creating plan upgrades


ARPU from settlement fees


payments automatically through Monty Mobile


No Financial Risk

Revolutionize Credit Lending with loan AI: Unlocking Hidden Insights for Precise Evaluations

Our AI Credit Lending platform goes beyond traditional scoring methods by harnessing the power of AI to detect hidden relationships between variables. It is also applicable on both credit and data services, BNPL concept, Device Lending, Utility payments, E-commerce. Unlike simplistic approaches that analyze each variable in isolation, our AI Credit Scoring provides a more comprehensive and accurate evaluation of data, even when certain variables may not seem relevant at first glance.

Machine Learning (ML)

Lending Automation

Predictive Capabilities

Improved Credit Decisioning

Loan Prediction Accuracy

Fair and Inclusive Lending Practices

Unveiling the Power of Precise Creditworthiness Assessment.
Subscriber reaches low balance and is unable to top up or subscribe to any bundle or service

Our AI Lending Platform analyses the subscriber’s data and offers him the credits needed

Subscribers can get the desired credits or subscribe to any of the requested bundles

AI credit lending platform can be used in many instances

  • When Requesting Balance
  • Low Balance Trigger
  • AI SMS Offering for Eligible Subscribers
  • BNPL

Leverage your big pool of data and automate lending to make informed decisions that lead to more revenues and customer retention with:

Targeted Eligibility


Management Interface

Analytical Reporting Tool

Subscriber Interfaces

Increased ARPU

Decreased Churn

Lower Risk

Boost Subscribers, Maximize Revenue

Empower your eligible subscribers with increased credit limits and stress-free repayment options through our Credit+ feature. By seamlessly integrating this service, you can offer optional extra credit amounts or bundles that can be settled through convenient monthly payments, driving revenue growth and fostering customer loyalty.

VAS & Bundles Amplified: Keeping Subscribers Engaged

Open the door to enhanced service usage and assist subscribers in covering their subscriptions during emergencies. With Credit+, eligible users can subscribe to VAS services or renew them using the extra credits offered by the operator, all settled with a preferred repayment plan.

The Ultimate Utility Payment Plan

Never miss a payment again with Credit+ UP! Allow subscribers to settle utility invoices conveniently through their operator’s mobile application, anytime, anywhere.

Device Lending: Unlocking Access to Mobile Devices

Make mobile device purchases more accessible and affordable with the Device Lending service. Eligible subscribers can enjoy the opportunity to purchase devices at attractive rates and with flexible payment options.

Airtime Lending

Credit Savior: Empower Subscribers, Enhance Connectivity

Provide subscribers with multiple options to stay connected and continue making calls even when they are unable to recharge their lines.

Emergency Credit: Calling On-The-Go

Offer a predetermined number of credits to ensure uninterrupted communication.

Micro Credit Loan: Fueling Call Completion

Boost the call success rate by allowing subscribers to request a small top-up loan when they run out of credit.

Credit Transfer: Monetizing Connectivity

Enable credit transfers from their own balance to other on-net subscribers. Monetize these transactions and facilitate continued communication.

Data Lending: Stay Connected

Empower subscribers to request and receive data loans. By leveraging our smart credit scoring system, we profile and score your customers to boost their data allowances, mitigating any potential bad debt concerns.

Data Transfer: Lend a Helping Hand

Facilitate data transfers between subscribers from their existing data plans via SMS, USSD, or our mobile app.