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Cloud Gaming

Make New Revenue Streams Rain

Allow Your Subscribers to Play their Favorite Games on the Clouds.
Immerse your subscribers in a captivating world of entertainment that goes wherever they go.

Gaming has grown considerably in recent years. As a result:

Cloud Gaming is the solution to these issues, as gamers will run towards this service which requires none of the above. Our innovative service is designed to bring continuous enjoyment across all electronic devices, ensuring they are entertained at all times. With a wide array of engaging content and interactive experiences, we aim to create a fun-filled journey that keeps them hooked and craving for more.


has become more expensive

Game titles

have become more expensive


has started to seem like an investment

Revolutionizing Gaming

Here are the key features of Cloud Gaming that allow you to offer unparalleled gaming experiences for your subscribers:



Accessibility & Continuity

Auto Updates: All games are managed and updated on the server side

No Downloads

Unlimited Storage

Auto Updates


Endless Reasons to Integrate

We are offering a high-performance Cloud Gaming platform tailored for all your subscribers and customers:

New games uploaded every week

Compatibility with Windows PC, Mac OS, Android, Smartphone, Tablet, and IOS

24/7 server monitoring

White-label solution

Easiest and most affordable gaming product

Server management

STB as a console

Optimized 5G implementation

More than 300 games included

Billing integration

End user activity stored and managed for monitoring & recording needs

Operator integration

Increased consumer engagement

No extra investment in hardware

Data-driven Solution

Best Performance in the Market

60 Frames per second in Full HD

Latency as low as 50ms delay between frames

Best controls responsiveness

Very low bandwidth requirements

Dynamic Streaming adaptable to available network bandwidth

Latest generation of GPUs

No waiting lists to play

Join Us and Reap the Rewards

  • Unlock New Revenue
  • Increase ARPU
  • Reduce Churn
  • Monetize 5G

With a solution that offers you the following:

Quality Tested
Ad-Free Games
The Best Games
Full version. No tricks.
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Fun
Parental Control
Cross Platform