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RBT Suite

Express Yourself: Personalize Call Experiences

Bid farewell to default ringtones and embrace a world of self-expression through songs, videos, messages, games, and texts thanks to Monty Mobile’s special RBT certification.

Personalized Call Entertainment

Empower your subscribers to entertain their callers with a wide range of content and personalization tools. Replace standard ring tones with customized ones for different callers or groups, allowing for a truly unique calling experience.

Redefine Calling: Unlock Limitless Possibilities

My RBT: Keep Callers Entertained

Allow callers to showcase their personalities by customizing their ringback tones. Choose from a library of tunes or personalize them according to their preferences.

Story RBT: Every Call Has a Story!

Make call waiting enjoyable with captivating stories that callers can watch before the call connects. Subscribers can personalize the experience with their own videos or select from an extensive in-app library.

Enterprise RBT: Enhance Your Company’s Image

Elevate your brand’s presence with Enterprise RBT, transforming employees’ mobile phones into powerful advertising channels.

Text RBT

Allow mobile users to generate customized content and share it on their friends’ phone screens as a pre-call pop-up notification when receiving a call from them. This service allows the recipient to set a personalized greeting or share their status with the callers. Additionally, SME and Business accounts can utilize the call signature Enterprise functionalities to promote their services.